Hurricane Isaac Part 2

Posted: 25th August 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Photo is of Venice Beach, and while scuba classes must go on it appears, the sky is beginning to cloud up. This was taken around noon on Saturday and the day started out kind of cool for Florida. A very nice breeze and unusual compared to what it has been.

Sitting here at home with the weather channel on, we keep hearing as you probably are too that Florida is under a state of emergency. Not sure what to do other than getting some supplies and propane for grill and camping lights that I have. We are far enough inland that we shouldn’t have to worry about storm surge, not sure about the tornado thing though that these hurricanes spin off.

A lot of the locals think that the news blows these things all out of proportion, but I used to work in news so I think I know the difference.

Otherwise, another beautiful day right now but we will be keeping our eyes and ears open and will let you know how it’s going!

Here’s a map so you can keep an eye on where we are.

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