July of 2020

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Wow, has anything changed since my last post…well..pretty much everything in life has changed. The world has completely flipped upside down, the place is on fire and a Pandemic of all pandemics is gripping our world. I don’t suppose anyone actually reads this blog, but I will do some entries for my own personal reflection if nothing else.

This is the 24th of July and these next few days and weeks will be another BIG step in our life journey. As it comes together I will enter more, like so many things these days nothing is for certain and so I will log as things succeed rather than just things I might hope for. We have been trying to sell our house and twice now it hasn’t made it all the way through the process. We don’t even know why as reasons haven’t been given, twice people have backed out or their funding wouldn’t go through. Very frustrating as you can imagine when we need to be looking for our next house but really can’t commit until we know we have the money in hand.

In spite of this COVID19 Pandemic, it does appear we are on our way, but as I said, I will wait to celebrate.

If you do happen to read this please say hi in the comments.

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