Hurricane Isaac Part 3

Posted: 25th August 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Across the street from our house in North Port, 6 P.M. Saturday.

Upon talking to our neighbor, I was reminded of how many mobile home parks we have surrounding us. We live in a very quiet neighborhood full of smaller wood frame houses. We probably wouldn’t do well being struck by mobile home debris but then of course, neither would the mobile homes fare well.

Watching the news as the governor of the state Rick Scott talking about possible evacuations and to stay tuned in the event that has to happen.

People in the neighborhood are running around, buttoning up anything that could be a projectile, the gas stations are running out of gas and Wal Mart was a zoo. Parking lot was so full you would have thought a rock concert (or maybe jazz or country) was going on.

The weather radio was lit up with storm warnings flashing and we are keeping tuned in case we have to head out.

It’s not scary yet and it appears from the latest “cone of uncertainty” that we are becoming less likely to take a direct hit.

At least there is some degree of warning with these monsters.

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