Hurricane Isaac Part 4

Posted: 26th August 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Sunday morning and the wind is picking up outside. Humidity up a lot too. The weather radio sounding it’s alarm and blaring about tornado watches in the area. Pretty much right on cue and as everyone predicted would happen.

A gray day and no anticipation of sunshine as we head to church.

Weather channel update shows the track of the storm to be on more of a westward track. Good for us but not so good eventually for those in the New Orleans, Mobile Alabama area.

It does put you on edge and unlike in the midwest where a storm might happen and tornado’s are the biggest threat with usually only a notice of a matter of hours or minutes, this threat of hurricanes drags on for days and builds, adding to the stress.

Anyhow, maybe a break this time!! We’ll see as the next couple days progress.

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