Fast Forward 2019

Posted: 13th March 2019 by admin in Uncategorized
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So here we are again, almost 5 years since the last post and I can’t begin to understand where the time has gone. Thankful no one really reads or follows this but seems therapeutic to at least write a little, outside of facebook.
In 2017 we were faced with major life changes and challenges. In July of that year Judy came down with Pneumonia and when she went into the hospital it was discovered she was in a state of Keto-Acidosis. Having never heard that term before we had no clue as to how serious things were and for the next 5 days she was in intensive care, not knowing if she was going to live or die. I guess that’s the point of intensive care huh? After they let her out of the hospital, she fell and broke her hip two days later. (Unrelated I guess to the previous weeks hospital stay but I can’t help but think she was in a weakened state)

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