The moment has arrived

Posted: 1st March 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Its early am and I lay here watching a fire burn in a fireplace in an old home in Keokuk that has been adopted by friends that also adopted us for a couple days and let us stay with them as we wrap things up here in Keokuk. In a couple hours my hometown will be in our rearview mirror and a new life adventure lies ahead.
When I was younger I might have felt as though I was escaping gravity and taking flight. Now however, feelings of I am leaving a place that was of security through familiarity,friendships, responsibility and all of the rewards that come with all of those. I was and still am RICH, not with money by a long shot, but as I have learned these past two weeks with friends, family and comuunity that care.
I do look forward to the next chapter ahead with excitement and am eager to dig in and see what I can do with all that you at home have taught me this lifetime.
Don’t worry, I won’t forget to write!

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