First Day as Island Photographics

Posted: 5th March 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

What a weekend! Moving is said to be as large a life experience as other things we might do like being born or dying. I’m here to attest to that.
At a time when most, especially our parents would be pretty settled in life and they would be planning a quiet retirement, we have decided on this giant change.
My own father at this point however lost his job that he had been at for 20 plus years and I remember how devastating it was to him. He died at 62 and my last vivid memory was how he was laying on the floor of his little house as the room filled with emergency personnell pushing so hard on his chest that I wondered if it could even succeed.
I’m in much better physical condition than he was but I thought if I only had 7 more years to live what might I want to do with it?
Ready to give it all I’ve got is part of that plan rather than give us as I believe he did. My three brothers and our mother watched as his sense of purpose drained out of his life, and then as his life drained away from any other purpose on this earth. His depression and sadness being something I never want to experience.
So there is some personal insight, but with all of that motivation, that doesn’t minimize the impact of the emotions that are going on at this moment during all of this upheaval.
I am very thankful to Kate Hill Moore who has literally made this opportunity available who is now the previous owner of the studio we are taking over.
We know next to no one in this town, save for Kate and her employee friend Gloria Pierce and that’s where our story begins today.
Coming from home where I knew everyone from our Mayor and government offficials to leaders of industry and served in leadership in our church, to now being a stranger as having landed on a foreign shore.
Will we fit in or be accepted here or what can I do with the skills I have acquired?? Those are questions where answers will be reserved as future pixels on future pages of this page.
Hmmmm wish I could read ahead to see how things turn out!
I do know the words from the friends and family that we left (but not lost) serve as awesome reminders that leaving doesn’t make us alone. Thank you for reading!

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