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Moving…insanity….synonyms…. See News Page

It’s one thing to try to coordinate things from 1200 miles away and try to make sure all the ducks are in a row, but gearing up there and and winding down here at the same time is crazy. We are trying to make sure we notify everyone that may have work in with us to be done and begin tying up loose ends. We still have just under two weeks to go before we pull out, but the heat is on from every angle.

Getting all the bills paid here and getting all the deposits, licenses, tax forms, registrations done there so that we can literally hit the ground running from day 1.

Thanks to Kate who is the current owner of Island Photographics for all the special help and advice. Kate has run the business so very well for over 20 years there in Venice and is patiently guiding us into this new life. I’m familiar with cameras and computers, but surf and sand and her amazing clientele/friends are part of our next chapter and we are excited to encounter all.

I do love the adventure, but I also love what Keokuk has been for me most of my life. Some negative people around here often “dis” on our hometown, but I am not!  This has been the place that watched me grow up, let me succeed, fail and succeed again and has pardoned my stupid decisions, continued to patronize my business and has also celebrated with me and given special honors over recent months. Thank you Keokuk and the Keokuk area for giving me roots and a great Midwestern work ethic which I shall take with me.

Thank you Rotary, Keokuk Main Street, Cultural and Entertainment District, Mississippi River Power 100, Pavilion Commission and others over the years for allowing me to be in your groups and sit on your boards and join with you in concerns for our city.

Thank you especially my church family at Cornerstone Church! You have been amazing!

We have been part of the worship team at Cornerstone Church the last 3 1/2 years and Sunday the 26th of February is going to be a very special day for us as it will be our last day there…aside from the occasional visits. Join us at 10:15 when the music begins!

Cornerstone is hosting a going away spaghetti luncheon/party for us at noon on February 26. You are all invited to stop by!

This, simply put is an opportunity we’ve been working on for over a year to put in place and has finally come together in some very miraculous ways. God is good!

I am teasingly calling this my 10 year countdown to retirement…and if anyone believes I’ll be retiring in 10 years…well…I pretty much doubt that!

I am blogging to help me remember what I may have forgotten once we get to our destination. Please feel to “Friend” me on Facebook.

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