Two more Sunday’s

Posted: 18th February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Saturday, and just a few days left to go here in Keokuk. Judy is busy with garage sale and whittling down all those many items and you wonder how you ever accumulated it all.

Tommorow morning at 10:15 we get to assist in the worship music program at Cornerstone and I get to have my brother Mark with us on drums. Joe Kite our regular drummer originally was going to take a little vacation. Mark was glad to come back from Jefferson City, Mo. and sit in so we are going to get to be together one more time before we pull out of this area.

You are invited if you would like to do something a little different for your Sunday morning.  Jed is a great Pastor too and you will enjoy him as well!

Donna Dahl, Nancy Trump, Caroline Bradshaw, Jeff Ruby, Johnny Rothert, Joe Kite, Brandon Bradshaw along with Jeff Dahl, Austin Kincaid, Lync Fellows, Thad Trump and Alvin all have helped and have been a part of the team the past 3 1/2 years. Also, Steve Wilhelm and Reva Terry. It’s been great and going to be  tough to say goodbye. We love you all!

Back at the business, we are still taking Sr. Portraits and will be still taking them next Saturday, two days before we hit the road. Already beginning to live out of boxes and sure that will be continuing for quite a few weeks and months to come. All part of it isn’t it.

Will post again soon.

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