Getting closer…

Posted: 22nd February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

It’s Wednesday, the week before we leave Keokuk to move to Florida. Unbelievably hectic trying to tie up loose ends and finish work. many folk have brought in work over the past week that they had been intending to have me do for at least a year in some cases. I appreciate it…can use the moving money but I’m not getting a lot of sleep.

Anyhow, this Sunday everyone, I mean everyone is invited to a little get together that Cornerstone Church is providing for us as a going away recognition/party. We have worked as part of their awesome worship team the past 3 1/2 years and we’re going to do a little extra music this Sunday, beginning at 10:15 and followed up by a Spaghetti luncheon (thank you Mark and Julie Wessell) that too is open to everyone who wants to come. It is on 10th and Blondeau in Keokuk and you will enjoy our pastor Jed Linebaugh as well.

Thank you for the literally dozens of people that have stopped by the studio to say farwell and wish us the best. All the handshakes, hugs and tears have made this departure the most intense experience of my life. I love this community and my amazing friends here and again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for lending a hand during this admittedly intense time.

Thanks to Hank, Lora, Cody, Matt for many many hours of time in helping us prepare for this journey!

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