Monday Morning…

Posted: 27th February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

So…here we are, MAJOR life change ahead and we have little idea of the actual experiences that are before us over the next few days except that we feel our lives are truly in God’s hands and now it’s up to Him to continue to pave the way.

CORNERSTONE CHURCH!!! What an amazing day yesterday when you hosted the Mother-of-All-Send-offs. A great turnout for yesterday morning’s service and you allowed us the extra time to play 2 songs from each worship team member ( we asked them to pick their favorites) and I know it went a little long but hopefully it was as fun for you who were there as it was for us getting to work together that one last time.

After church, the spaghetti luncheon headed by Mark and Julie Wessel¬† and the decorations on the tables and stage blew us away. I know Ann Hodges and Donna Dahl had a hand in it and if you helped and I didn’t mention you it’s only because we haven’t heard the whole story yet. THANK YOU!!¬†

If you’ve never been to Cornerstone Church and you’re in search of a home church…please check them out. Pastor Jed Linebaugh and wife Deb…your counsel and support in the midst of what may seem a loss to you has been more then we could have ever dreamed. I hope Keokuk gets to know you as we have and will soon learn to appreciate you as much as well. Welcome to this town and I trust God will bless this church according to the kindness you’ve shown others because I know that will be huge!

Thank you to other friends who stopped by to say hi and bye. Your words break me and make me at the same time. I am forever grateful!

All props are kicked out from under us here in Keokuk.

The job is gone, Austin is done with school, our church family has given us a very royal goodbye, many many tears, sentiments and words spoken that will never be forgotten. The Uhaul rental, boxes upon boxes and equipment put in the trailer and truck and spending today wrapping up a little unfinished business and then will be time to unplug everything and gas up the vehicles. Judy will be driving one vehicle, I will be in the other and we take to the road early Tuesday morning if all goes according to plan.

Thanks for your prayers, they are working! Keokuk is in ours.


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