Saturday night

Posted: 25th February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Exhausting wow! With such a monumental move comes such monumental stress. Barb Wilhelm and her crew with The Willow Tree Flower Shop is making great progress painting and changing the front of the building while we are quitely (not really that quietly) slipping out the back.

We have received a ton of last minute work and orders and will probably be working up to the minute we pull away in getting them all satisfied. But that we shall do.

10 P.M. at night and still at it, people telling me how tired I’m looking. I guess that means I better get to bed.

Big day tomorrow at Cornerstone Church and I am and am not looking forward to it. I know it’s going to be EXTREMELY emotional day, but will certainly be one of those days that stand out in my lifetime, one of those that will never be forgotten.

Thank you in advance if you can be there, again, starts at 10 am, coffee and donuts and we’ll begin worship shortly thereafter.

A word of warning, we will be doing a few more songs than usual as it will be our last time on the team. Just kick back and hum with us!!

I have asked each member of the team to name 2 of their favorites and would see if we can do them. Practice went well so I am really looking forward to getting absorbed into the service tomorrow.

Cya then if you can make it,


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