Friday night…

Posted: 24th February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

I can’t express, just cannot put into words the past several days as so many of you have stopped in, written, stopped me in the store and let me know your feelings both about us leaving and about how you wish us well, but with sadness.

In reference to tonights paper at:  it tears at my heart and thank you to my son Christopher for his amazing letter to the editor. I am speechless and to have your child write such a profound letter about you…well… all I can say…someday I wish to be buried with it. Thank you Christopher, I love you to the end of time.

Trying to get all the loose ends taken care of, but just want to assure everyone, we are going to be very reachable and accessible in case we weren’t able to reach you or if your orders may not have returned from the lab. We will of course get them mailed out to you at no additional expense.

For those who have conducted business with us in the past, you can still use the online ordering system at and if you ever need us to re-upload your proofs so you can see them, please call us at 941-485-0699 after March 1.

For our commercial accounts, we can still service product photography and graphic design service. Just ship products to us at, 101 West Venice Avenue #6, Venice, FL. 34285.

If you need us to travel, I always have and always will do destination photography. My wheels take me about anywhere!

Thank you one and all for many years of patronage. I have been so fortunate to be born, grow up (sort of) , go to school here, conduct business here and if I sound over-appreciative, so be it. I am grateful for what you have made me!

Hope to see some of you Sunday @ Cornerstone, 10:15 or noon spaghetti time.

Here we go….two (maybe three) days and counting.


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